Our outreach programme is an important aspect of our company, and we offer bespoke workshops to theatres, schools, universities, events and festivals. We can cater for abilities and ages, including non-English speaking participants.

Upcoming opportunity (click to make larger) on the 2nd and 3rd May in Bristol:

Participant feedback from the same course:

“Tessa’s workshop was informative, well-paced and very enjoyable! She encouraged participants to contribute creatively to the proceedings and there was a focus on skill-development which was useful, as I can implement these techniques into my own practises as a theatre-maker.”

“The course is really well designed, has a friendly and supportive atmosphere, helps build confidence.”

“It was a really great introduction to puppeteering. It was clear and fun and I learned a lot.”

“It laid out the basics of puppetry, looking at various types of puppets/ object manipulation, and how to work with people in close proximity. It’s a learning in the foundations of puppetry skills. I’d recommend to anyone wishing to learn as a beginner.”

“Lots of fun and I learned loads! Definitely gained lots of skills that I will now use in the work that I do.”

“Covered so much – a really good insight into the world of puppetry. Was really useful particularly in sharing knowledge and skills related to puppetry auditions.”

“The course introduced participants to the fundamentals of puppetry and laid the foundations for someone like me who intends to explore puppetry and object manipulation in the future through live performance.”

“It was varied BUT focused. It enabled exploration of the different types of puppets and allowed trial and error. It was definitely varied enough for a one day course and covered everything I hoped.”

“It was so varied that there was not a moment where I was not learning new things, non stop entertainment and education.”

“It was very well structured and feedback was constantly delivered”

100% would recommend it to a friend

100% would be interested in attending future courses

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