The Magic Snow Globe

Illustration by Delphine Jones

‘The Magic Snow Globe’ is at the very beginning of its development with an exciting team of creatives ready to tell this special, new story.

Bella lives at home with Mum and Nanna. Nanna has a special snow globe that has three arctic animals in it – a snowy owl, an arctic fox and a polar bear – intricately sculpted and fixed in place. Nanna loves the snow globe – she loves snow! – but gives it to Bella as a special present to cherish forever.

Little does Bella know that the snow globe is magical and whisks her off on an adventure to a windswept, barren artic tundra. She embarks on a mission to find snow and bring it home for Nanna. She meets the three animals – snowy owl, an artic fox and polar bear – who become part of her journey and together they battle an artic storm and form an unlikely friendship. Will Bella be able to find snow and a way to get home to Nanna?

About The Show

‘The Magic Snow Globe’ will be a cross-artform feast for the senses with music, beautiful handcrafted puppets and an innovative film projection.

It will be an innovative, intergenerational production for young people, elders and their families. This project will be uniquely designed to bridge the gap between the old and the young. In our upcoming development of the show we will be working with a range of generations to workshop ideas and make a show which appeals to everyone, whether you’re 5 or 105!

Creative Team

  • Original story: Tessa Bide
  • Cast: Corinne Walker, Tessa Bide and Isabel Lyster
  • Director: Amy Draper
  • Designer: Katie Sykes
  • Puppet Designer/Maker: Isabel Lyster
  • Sound designer/Composer: Seah Hotson
  • Creative Technologist: Tarim
  • Animator: Chris Harrison
  • Consultant Teacher: Yvonne Dobson


Photos by Paul Blakemore