The Grand Women Project

A black and white photo of a white man and white woman, both wearing shorts and t-shirts, sitting down. The woman is looking at the camera, but the man is looking into the distance.

Katherine Bide and Peter Bide taken by Tim Bide in 1967.

The Grand Women Project is an intergenerational community project with the aim of uniting communities and creating connection after over a year of restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

A community-led engagement project, The Grand Women Project celebrates and champions the voices of older women, using members of the community to unravel and tell their stories. An intergenerational experience, bonding those from diverse backgrounds and bringing them together to celebrate local matriarchs and their lives. It will be led by the community, and performed to friends, family and neighbours followed by a knees-up with music and food. 

Join the party, meet your neighbours and celebrate the personal histories in your local area and its Grand Women. This project is in development, we hope to secure funding and to start work on it in 2024.


What happens next?

We are in the process of securing funding. If you would like to hear our updates, and get involved later down the line, please sign up to our mailing list.


Film from our R&D

From January to March 2021, we underwent an early research and development period to research this piece, and working with intergenerational participants in general. We were funded by Arts Council England, and partnered with Wyldwood Arts, BS3 Community and Headley Park Primary School. We made this short film to document the project, shot and edited by Camilla Adams.