Bristol 24/7 on The Selfish Giant

“The Selfish Giant is beautifully crafted by these two leading family theatre experts. A perfect way to occupy young minds…”

Nappy Valley on The Selfish Giant

“Tessa Bide Productions and Soap Soup Theatre have brought to life Oscar Wilde’s short story, The Selfish Giant in an intimate, simple and powerful performance using thoughtful and impactful storytelling and puppetry techniques…”

Curious Mum on The Selfish Giant

“This is an intricate production which surprises with many evocative moments, which is no mean feat when performing with puppets! Its innate visual appeal makes it both a performance for very little ones and for older children in whose minds and imaginations the beauty of this play will remain for a long time to come.”

Children’s Theatre Reviews on The Selfish Giant

“The Selfish Giant is a fairytale that feels very relevant despite being 130 years old. There is, of course, a nod towards environmentalism… But perhaps even more pertinent to 2018 is Grinter, a landowner whose selfishness lies in her insistence on sovereignty, who builds an unnecessary wall, and enforces a meaningless border to keep children out. In the end, its young people who change things for the better. The Selfish Giant really is a story for our times.”

The Guardian ★★★★ on Perfect

“The exceptionally engaged young audience is testament to an engrossing show that is full of compassion and makes siblings of us all.”

On The Beat on Perfect

“If I had to sum up Perfect in one word it would simply be that: perfect… ​Not only does this production introduce the subject of disability to children, it reminds adults about the innocence of childhood and the acceptance of all.”

Children’s Theatre Reviews on Perfect

“Moving, gentle and thoughtful: Perfect is sophisticated and sensitive in its storytelling, exquisite in its design and, best of all, really trusts its young audience.”

Primary Times on A Strange New Space

“We thought this was a really special and endearing little show which shows the power of a child’s use of escapism as a way of dealing with trauma. It also drew adults in, in connecting to the inner childhood. It’s a non verbal show but has music, strong visuals and gets you to use your imagination as well. A very special show not to be missed.”

Manchester’s Finest on A Strange New Space

“Tessa Bide has a rare talent for accessing the inner vision of a child in such a natural way, and A Strange New Space is a poignant reminder of how much we lose in terms of imagination when we ‘grow up’.”

Weston Super Mum on A Strange New Space

“This is a very lovely show not just about the journey and adventures of a refugee child but about the brilliance of the imagination…”

Curious Mum on A Strange New Space

“A play without words, with very little props and just one actor makes for an unexpected hour of being on an emotional rollercoaster. Each feeling, be it excitement, happiness, sadness or rejection, draws us into the story and is proving to be more powerful than a thousand words.”

Female Arts ★★★★ on A Strange New Space

Female Arts reviews A Strange New Space at Bristol’s Circomedia in April 2017 (4 stars). Amira is a refugee but dreams of being an astronaut. This fascinating, non-verbal production takes us on her journey from her war-torn homeland through to the refugee camps via outer space. Told through physical theatre, sound, lighting and puppetry, we […]

Audience Review on Arnold’s Big Adventure

“I have never seen a show with so much audience participation, nor one so perfect in terms of format and content for the age range…Both performers played music and sang, clowned about and worked the seagull puppet. A very talented pair in a truly outstanding show; I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Weston Super Mum on The Melody Makers

“We knew straight away this was going to be a great show for kids…‘The Melody Makers’ rounded off a fun packed weekend of Christmas show reviewing perfectly, and we would highly recommend it to get you in the festive mood.”

A Younger Theatre ★★★★ on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

“Bide makes all right choices to submerge us into this quirky, seaside universe, and gets the balance just right… A must-see if you fancy satisfying your inner child-at-heart; even better if you can take younger children.”

The List ★★★★ on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

“If you drew up a checklist of all the things a good children’s show should contain, The Tap Dancing Mermaid would tick every box… this is a show for all to enjoy.”

Childplays on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

“All in all, Bide absolutely smashes the fourth wall – this is just everything a children’s theatre experience should be…”

Manchester’s Finest on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

“Bide exudes enthusiasm and within minutes it’s not just the little people who are transfixed by the storyline but all of the adults present too… I for one am already looking forward to seeing her return with another perfect production.”

Children’s Theatre Reviews on The Tap Dancing Mermaid

“Bide’s first solo show for families is ambitious… she really connects with the audience in a thrilling way”

Guide 2 Bristol on Muttnik: The First Dog in Space

“Tessa Bide is a truly amazing one woman power house…”