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We are Tessa Bide Productions

Based in Bristol, UK, we create theatre with – and for – children which unites families, offering an engaging and stimulating theatrical experience for both adults and children. You might meet us in a traditional theatre setting or in the middle of a field. We aim to inspire communities who may not have access to theatre with topical stories, a bold physical language and a few puppets along the way. TBP put children at the heart of our work, from devising through to presentation. We encourage creativity, inclusive play and a sense of adventure.

We tour our productions all over the world as well as leading outreach work to all ages, from early years to degree students and professional practitioners. In the last year, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we moved a lot of our programme online and created a whole host of free digital content for you to explore, from bedtime stories to interviews with theatre professionals. We have our archive of online content on our What’s On(line ) page.

Last year we made an online, interactive adventure called The Anarchist’s Mobile Library. It’s an adaptation of our popular live show we created in 2019. With this new digital version, families are able to journey on adventures to far flung places from wherever they choose, immersing themselves in a detailed sound design created by Chris Menes. It is available in English audio, Welsh audio and British Sign Language with English captions. It’s touring digitally throughout this year, alongside the live show (covid permitting!), find out the dates here.

While you’re here on our jolly little website, you can also find information and footage of our work, reviews, workshops we offer, merchandise to buy and ways to contact and connect with us.

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